Ward Off Trespassers and Vandals

Trust our tech to keep your property secure

Are you concerned about protecting your building? Wyatt Technical Services can provide the surveillance tech installation and upkeep you need. We use a wide variety of tools and software to monitor and secure businesses throughout Oklahoma.

We install access control systems, which limits who can enter the building at any given time, as well as surveillance systems, which monitor the area to make sure intruders aren't on the premises. Whether you want to set up access control panels on each door or wire your building for surveillance cameras, you can count on us to help you out.

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Discover new ways to maintain order on your property

You don't have to be left in the dark when it comes to your business. With our surveillance tech, you can stay on top of everything at all times. You'll be able to keep an eye on who's entering the building, what times the building is occupied and whether anyone is getting in without proper clearance.

We can set up:

  • Dome cameras
  • PTZ cameras
  • 180o/360o cameras
  • Covert cameras
  • Thermal cameras
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Why should you choose Wyatt Technical Services?

We've been serving our community since June 2005. We believe that your success is a part of our success. That's why founders John and Christi Wyatt love celebrating growth in customers' companies. We're here to make sure your company thrives.