Use Covert Surveillance Tech on Your Property

Install cameras that are out-of-sight and out of the way

You might want to watch over your building without tipping off any potential trespassers or thieves. Wyatt Technical Services offers covert cameras that can be hidden away or otherwise disguised.

We use straight and L-shaped lenses, as well as pinhole models. Pinhole models contain the smallest lenses available. You don't need a huge, bulky camera to keep your property under surveillance. You can get the job done with these smaller devices.

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Make the smart choice by choosing covert cameras

You'll get plenty of use out of the cameras we install. There are a lot of different options for cameras with various viewing angles and resolution levels.

Our cameras include:

  • Superior low light sensitivity
  • Two-way audio
  • Digital input and output
  • Local storage
  • Vibration-proof material
  • 12-meter long lens cables
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